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Through risk, hardship and sacrifice, our ancestors colonized and helped found:

  • New Mexico
  • Plymouth Colony
  • El Paso
  • Ensenada
  • North Dakota
  • Maine
  • California


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Our family researchers include Phyllis Maercklein, Helen Stoltz Costello, Jim and Margie Schoenfelder, David Stoltz, Eric Stoltz and Michael Stoltz. We are grateful for the contributions of Gloria Joyce Hernández Alvarado, David Hernández, Norbert Wegmann, Lysa Nabours and many other talented researchers who have assisted us as well as all our family members who have been so cooperative.

The Seasick Adventurer

A Family History Account by Jesús García de Alvarado (1871-1966)

Jesús (García) AlvaradoOn an unknown date between 1946 and 1966, Jesús wrote out this account of the family history in Spanish, now (2008) in the possession of her granddaughter Gloria Joyce Hernández Alvarado in San Diego. The handwriting is difficult at times to read, and she used little punctuation or accents.

Possible translation

In the year 1810 at the Port of San Francisco, California, was born Mr. Fernando Alvarado, who grew up there in the same place. He was married and had only one son named Fernando, and a daughter whose name was Brigida. I don’t remember if there were more children; here I only relate what was told me by my husband, who was his great-grandson.

Mr. Alvarado had a sister married to a high government employee of Mexico, and once this sister decided to visit her parents in San Francisco. On her return trip, she took along Fernando, the grandson, and his little sister Brigida. At that time she was 15 years old. She was pretty, with light brown, curly hair with reddish tips. Fernando was 18 years old, his hair was blond and somewhat curly and his eyes were large and blue with a clear gaze. He was active, and not too tall. In a word, he was handsome, cheerful and energetic.

But eight days on the steamship were a hard trip. Fernando became very sick. He was disoriented, unable to eat or sleep. His stomach turned day and night, and for this reason, he never went home so as not to suffer seasickness again.

He was very well received in Mexico. His aunt took them around and he was well accepted in Mexican society. Brigida married a government employee from a noted family. Fernando married Eugenia (or Eufemia), the only daughter of Mr. Frias Asendado of the town of Chametla. Fernando had in total eight children. The eldest, Francisco, was entirely like him, his very portrait. They were Teófilo, Manuel, Brigida, Dolores, Jesús, José María, and Mercedes. José María and Francisco looked just like their father.

Brigida married the only son of Dr. Domingo Vidal, and Jesús married the daughter Catalina. Domingo and Catalina were the son and daughter of Dr. Vidal. Brigida and Domingo Vidal had the same name as the doctor and raised many children. The eldest was Guadalupe Domingo Luis. All the children are in San Francisco. The parents are dead.

Jesús and his wife Catalina are dead and of their three children only Carmen and Cleotilde are still alive. They are married and living in the capital of México.

My husband José María is dead and only three of my children are alive; Leopoldo, married with two sons, Leopoldo Jr., Carlos Roberto and Yolanda, and my daughters Lucia Minasian and Cecilia Hernandez, in that order.

J. G. Alvarado, mother

Resident of this city of Los Angeles, California, since 1899 of the past century.


En al año de 1810 en el Puerto de San Francisco California, nacio el Sr Fernando Alvarado, alli mismo crecio y caso. tuvo un hijo lo llama Fernando, y una hija que la nombro Brigida. Si tuto mas hijos no me acuerdo, solo esto que aqui les anoto lo se por mi Espozo que era su Bisnieto el Sr Alvarado tenia una hermana casada con un alto empleado del Govierno de Mex y una vez que es a hermana estuto a vicitar sus padres en San Francisco, Asu regreso se llebo asu Sabino Fernando, y la hermanita Brigida, que aes a fecha contaba 15 años de edad era bonita, Bansa color rosado, pelo cafe claro rizado y las puntas de los ringos coloradado. Fernando tenia 18 años era rubio su cavello y algorizado ojos azules grandes de mirada limpia, y activo, no era alto en una palabra, era guapo alegre y bullisioso. Pero los 8 dias que el vapor duro de viaje los paso muy emfermo, mariado sin comer ni dormir, bottiando el estomago dia y noche y por esa cause, jamas bolbio a su casa por no emvarcase te mia sufrir otra mariada fueron muy bien recibidos en Mexico su tia los pacio y fueron bien aseptados en la sosiedad mexicana. Brigida se caso con un empleado del Govierno notuto familia. Fernando se caso con la unica hija que tenia el Senor Frias Asendado [marginal note: (Eugenia) Eufemia] de Pueblo de Chametla, tuvo 8 hijas el mayor Francisco muy parecido en todo a el, era su retrato luego Teofilo, Manel, Brigida, Dolores, Jesus, Jose Maria, y Mercedes. Francisco y Jose Maria se parecian al papa. Brigida se caso con el unico hijo del Dr Domingo Vidal, y Jesus caso con la hija Catalina. Domingo y Catalina hijo y hija del Dr Vidal. Brigida y Domingo Vidal llebaba el mismo nombre del Dr. tuvieron varios hijos. la mayor Guadalupe Domingo Luis todas estan en San Francisco los hijos, los padres son muerto Jesus y la espoza Catalina son muertos y tres de sus hijos solo Cleotilde y Carmen viven casadas en la Capital de Mexico. Mi espozo Jose Maria lla es muerto y tres de mis hijos solo viven Leopoldo casado tiene dos hijos Leopoldo hijo Carlos Roberto y Yolanda mi hija Lucia Minasian y Cecilia Hernandez asus ordenis.

J G Alvarado madre

[marginal note: Jose Sanchez le espoza Soledad Consepcion (Chona Sanchez, Cecilia’s godmother)]

Residente de este ciudad de Los Angeles Calif desde 1899 del pado pasado siglo.

Jesús García Alvarado is my great-grandmother.

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  1. patricia mercedes alvarado Says:

    My family came from Germany and Spain. They then moved to San Fransisco for educational oppurtunities. My grandfather along with many of the names that you have included, are a big part of my family tree. The old women and my great great grandmother Mercedes, look identical. My name is Patricia Mercedes Alvarado, from Costa Rica. I live in Rancho Cucamonga. We have the same family similarities. We may be related.

    please contact

    Patricia Alvarado-lewis

  2. Robert Says:

    Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles. It’s the threads I need.

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  5. Terry Healey Says:

    Hoping this site is still monitored. I live in New Zealand and am married to Richard George, only son of Richard Hernando Higgins ( Hernando Diaz) Richard Hernando is the only child of Jovita Garcia, who is the youngest (I think) child of Francisco Garcia and Rosario Morailo. Would love to establish contact with wider family.

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